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Frosted Memories - A Recipe Journal

recipes, tips, and other yummy things

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This journal is created for me, ladykatrianna, to share my yummy recipies, tips, and ideas with those of you who would like them! This journal will include recipies ranging from breakfast foods, to the sweetest desserts, and everything in between! I'll share tips on how to properly cook certain dishes, and how to even get that stubborn omelette to flip right.

Anyone can cook! Including you!

But first, there's a couple rules in being a part of this journal. Anyone's welcome to join in the fun, to friend the journal and read and comment on the posts inside. But all must remember to respect the owner of this journal, or you'll get the boot. There will be no fighting in comments either, or both parties, regardless of the topic or who started it, will be kicked out.
This is my journal, I have the authority to do this.
This journal was made for the fun and enjoyment of other people, we don't want people spoiling this fun, huh?

If you would like to have your uber-cute or uber-yummy community/journal listed here (it doesn't even have to involve food!), drop me a line at my e-mail with the subject line community link, and include the link, and a button/banner if possible! Small buttons are prefferred.
All we ask is a link back!